SHAOXING LURONG FOOD CO., LTD is a food processing company specializes in processing quick-frozen and fresh vegetable products. The company is one of the largest freezing vegetable manufacturers and exporters in Zhejiang Province in which is located in Shaoxing, North Zhejiang.
    The company was established in 2005, occupying an area of 16,700O including 25,000 O construction area and capacity of 10,000 tons refrigeratory. The company possesses several sets of modernized quick-frozen assembly line, and a comprehensive inspection system which is equipped with gas chromatograph imported from U.S.A. Agilent Technologies and has 18 professional project staffs. Now the company has 9,990,000O farm base with an annual production capacity upto 20,000 metric tons and earns US$ 10,000,000.00 foreign exchange through export. The company was awarded the ISO22000: 2005 certificate, passed HACCP project authentication, and was authorized by European BRC. With strict quality control system, quality, safety and healthy of the products are securely guaranteed.Our main quick-frozen products includes: soybean, soybean kernel, pea pods, sugar snap pea, green bean, broad bean, green pea, cauliflower, broccoli, rape flower, choy sum, shepherd's-purse, spinach, water chestnut, shiitake, lotus root, taro, bamboo shoot, strawberry, sweet corn, greengage and various kinds of mixed vegetable etc. The retain freshness products includes: cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli etc.
    Currently our product is selling to the worldwide countries and districts such as Japan, U.S.A., Canada, Taiwan and Europeetc. We are further developing more new products and has already established the new products R & D department in 2009, in order to meet the need of the international market constantly. Organic food will be a main project.


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